What are the rules for transporting animals in the cabin with Brussels Airlines?

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The following requirements must be met for your animal to be able to fly with you:

  • must be clean, healthy, harmless and odourless
  • may not be under the age of 12 weeks (16 weeks for the USA)
  • may not annoy other passengers
  • must be booked in advance via our Service Centre
  • need to be kept in a soft-sided, leak and smell-proof bag during the whole flight
  • has to remain completely inside the closed bag (including tail and head) during the whole flight
  • may be pregnant, only if accompanied by a veterinary certificate certifying that the animal is fit to travel and there is no risk of birth occurring during the journey

Guests travelling with a pet in cabin may not be seated:

  • At the emergency exit rows
  • On the first row on narrow body aircrafts
  • In close proximity of each other

More information on travelling with pets.

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