How many LOOPs will I earn on my next flight?

If you have booked a Brussels Airlines-operated flight by 31/01/2020, you will earn LOOPs for every euro spent. . In other words, you will earn LOOPs on the base fare, on air transportation charges and also on additional services such as extra baggage. The final total price of your ticket is made up of other charges like taxes, fees and airport surcharges as well as that for -other third parties. Unfortunately, these other charges are not eligible for LOOPs, so you will not earn LOOPs on these other charges. So for example, if you book a return flight on our website from Brussels to Tenerife, the total base fare and air transportation charges will add up to €160 (excluding other taxes, fees and surcharges). Let’s say you book for a household of 4. With an earn rate of 3 LOOPs per euro spent, you will earn 160 x 3 x 4 = 1,920 LOOPs for all 4 passengers.

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