Which preventive measures is Brussels Airlines taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on board of its flights?

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The safety of our passengers and employees has the highest priority. We are following developments very closely every day. Within the Lufthansa Group, we are prepared for a wide variety of scenarios and, if necessary, will decide on taking further actions at short notice in cooperation with the responsible authorities.

Lufthansa Group Airlines are taking precautions to protect crews, ground staff and passengers as best as possible. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the transmission potential of the new coronavirus has not yet been fully clarified. However, in the case of a human-to-human infection, the virus is transmitted by droplet transmission.

In general, the risk of becoming infected with the virus during a flight is extremely low. Aircraft of Lufthansa Group Airlines are equipped with highly effective filters that cannot be bypassed by the air. All the recirculation air is filtered, removing contaminants such as dust, bacteria and viruses from the cabin air. This affects around 40 percent – the rest is added as fresh air from outside the aircraft. The separation efficiency of these filters meets the standards for filters in clinical operating rooms. Thanks to these special filters, the cabin air is cleaner than the air people breathe on earth. In addition to this, the air flow in aircraft takes place from top to bottom. There is no horizontal air flow from side to side or along the length of the aircraft. The air flow thus corresponds to the so-called laminar airflow of an operating room.

In general, and regardless of the current coronavirus, there are clear procedures on board, in case the cabin crew suspect a passenger of having an infectious disease. Some of these procedures include the following, among others: isolating the passenger by reseating him/her on board, using disinfectant, using personal protective equipment for crew members, reporting this information immediately to authorities at the destination.

Travelers should also apply the same good personal hygiene measures as on the ground. These measures include, for instance, careful and regular hand washing or avoiding facial touch.

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