I applied for a FlightVoucher, but would prefer to have a refund now. Is this possible?

Updated 3 weeks ago by FlorenceVanStaey

The severe and long-lasting impact of the Covid-19 pandemic weighs heavily on the entire travel industry. Together we are going through a very difficult time, which involves exceptional circumstances and exceptional solutions. One of these exceptions is that airlines are allowed by law to exchange the value of a flight ticket in a voucher instead of a reimbursement in cash. Thanks to this system, passengers are certain not to lose their money and retain the right to rebook their flight at a later stage.

If your flight was affected by the coronavirus and you requested a FlightVoucher, this doesn't deny you any right to a refund of your ticket. If you have not been able or you do not wish to redeem your FlightVoucher, you are free to request a refund of your ticket. Note that due to the high amount of requests, the refund process is taking longer than usual.

We hope, however, that you are still willing to keep your FlightVoucher and exchange it for a flight with us. If you want to use your FlightVoucher, please make sure to contact us before 31 October 2021. Your travel dates must start on or before 31 July 2022.

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