I applied for a FlightVoucher, but would prefer to have a refund now. Is this possible?

Updated 3 months ago by FlorenceVanStaey

The severe and long-lasting impact of the Covid-19 pandemic weighs heavily on the entire travel industry. Together we are going through a very difficult time, which involves exceptional circumstances and exceptional solutions. One of these exceptions is that airlines are allowed by law to exchange the value of a flight ticket in a voucher instead of a reimbursement in cash. Thanks to this system, passengers are certain not to lose their money and retain the right to rebook their flight at a later stage.

If your flight was affected by the coronavirus and you requested a FlightVoucher, this doesn't deny you any right to a refund of your ticket. If you have not been able or you do not wish to redeem your FlightVoucher, you are free to request a refund of your ticket.

In case you have booked directly at Brussels Airlines, you can request your refund here. If you have booked via a travel agency, you have to contact your agent for your rebooking or for your refund. In case you do not receive a response in a timely manner or it seems necessary for other reasons, please contact us for further processing.

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