How do I change my booking?

IMPORTANT: Due to the coronavirus, we offer special flight change conditions. More info here >>

The rules for changing your booking depend on your travel class. If your ticket allows you to change your booking (flight/date), you can do so online via My Booking by clicking on "Change flight".

Although we're constantly improving our services, this online option currently can't be used for:

  • tickets booked via a travel agency or a travel website (other than
  • multi-city bookings
  • bookings which have been partially used
  • bookings made using a promotional code
  • bookings which include additional services and requests (sports equipment, special assistance, pets, etc.)

If you've booked via a travel agency or a travel website (excluding, please contact your travel agency.

If your booking cannot be changed online, please contact us through our chat (corner bottom right on this page), call our Service Centre or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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